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Anthony VanArsdale has worked as a professional artist and illustrator since 2009. Finding new and beautiful ways to depict the world has been a fascination for him since an early age, and he seeks to communicate the ever growing levels of the human experience through a visual story.

Over the years Anthony has shown proficiency in a variety of mediums, his favorite being oil and graphite. Patterns and texture are key, as Anthony hopes to display a sense of realism while also pulling from the abstract beauty of nature.

He has worked with patrons on many personal commissions throughout the years, as well as several high profile portraits.

·Anthony was a finalist in the ARC Salon in 2011 and and 2012.

·In 2013 he painted the portrait of Pope Francis commissioned by the North American College in Rome

·He has worked on several illustration projects throughout the years with publishers including Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, and Cottage Door Press.

·For five years he created illustrations for “The Boxcar Children,” series, and recently completed the picture book “The Night Before Christmas,” with Cottage Door Press. 

His latest oil paintings feature a series of figures and animals with gold leaf layers that create a depth and light to the imagery.